When you consider your transportation to the airport and your airport parking fees as part of the cost of air travel, you can reduce the overall cost on air travel with Park2Go’s Value Valet extended summer stay special of on $199.00 for any stay over 14 days and up to 30 days of no hassle and no delays airport parking. 

After months of scrimping, saving, pondering and planning, it’s finally here – vacation time! It doesn’t matter whether you’re headed somewhere where margaritas flow like water or polar bears swim in the sea, all that matters is you’re going. For the next (insert length of stay here), worries of work, relationships and who’ll get voted off Survivor will all fall by the wayside. But with luggage in tow, taking the bus to the airport is certainly not an option.

Located just three short blocks from the Calgary International Airport, our convenient value valet service will take care for your car while you’re gone and get you over to the airport in just nine minutes or less!

Rest assured that while you’re away your ride is in good hands – we’ll even take your car out to be serviced for you should you request it! Park2Go Value Valet – Airport parking is determined to provide you with the most pleasant and enjoyable parking experience and most importantly – no hassles and no delays.

I’m Amar. No delay's I promise!