Business owners are decreasing their company’s travel costs and improving efficiency with Park2Go Value Valet, Calgary’s only valet-style airport parking service.

Instead of the traditional wait-park-walk routine, Park2Go offers online check-in, valet parking, nine-minute shuttle guarantee and luggage assistance. Further improving the service is Park2Go’s state-of-the-art security system that is unmatched at YYC or any airport in Canada for that matter.

“In the past, the best way to get to your gate fast was to take a cab, but now our business is saving time and money by using our own vehicles with valet parking. Instead of wrestling with antiquated systems found at other airport parking lots, Park2Go allows us to drop off our car, get in the shuttle and get to our flight fast.  The same is true for the return as the shuttle is waiting when you walk out the door, and your car is warmed up and waiting when you hop off.“ - Stuart Crawford, partner at Ulistic Inc.

Park2Go’s unique service begins even before customers arrive. Online booking allows travellers to reserve their airport parking spot from anywhere, including from handheld devices. Customers provide their contact, vehicle and flight information and receive a barcode that is can be scanned from a printout or handheld devices. Upon arrival, Park2Go staff members check the vehicle in using the barcode and wireless Bluetooth technology, park the vehicle, attend to the traveller’s luggage and transport them to the airport gate in nine minutes or less, guaranteed.

“Our streamlined system has been designed with the business traveller in mind,”

George Garcia, general manager at Park2Go says. “Time is money and in the past walking from a parking spot or waiting in line at a cab stand cost them every time.”

Park2Go utilizes the first and only electronic valet parking application, AVPM, which tracks and monitors the activity of every vehicle that enters the facility. From the moment a customer arrives at Park2Go this state-of-the-art security and surveillance system ensures their vehicle is never out of a camera’s view. After an attendant parks a vehicle, the key is placed in a vault that is only accessible with an electronic ID badge or finger print scan, which then tracks who accessed the vehicle and for how long. Park2Go’s facility is also securely fenced, brightly lit, and patrolled at night.

Upon their return, travellers contact Park2Go when they pick up their luggage via text, voice or automated pick up line, and a shuttle is waiting for them by the time they reach the exit. Upon arrival at Park2Go, their vehicle is waiting for them, warmed up in the winter and cooled in the summer.

“We’ve spent the last three years perfecting our service and now Calgary travellers truly have a service unlike any other in Canada, but they’re not paying a premium for it. For the majority of travellers, parking at Park2Go is the same cost or cheaper than calling a cab.” - George Garcia

Right now the Summer Extended Stay Special is underway which allows travellers the opportunity to park for up to 30 days. Now that’s Value Valet!